Welcome to First For Earth. We supply a range of affordable, creative bamboo fibre eating and beverage solutions for both kids and adults. Our eco-conscious offering provides a fresh and sustainable alternative for those exploring a green lifestyle.

Our bamboo range includes: Eco Cups for adults, as well as creative mealtime sets for kids.  Great gift ideas, our bamboo fibre ware is made primarily of bamboo, and is biodegradable, BPA free, and conveniently dishwasher safe. We know that if it’s good for the earth, it’s good for us.

Saving the planet does not have to cost you the earth.

Made from Bamboo Fibre



BPA Free

Dishwasher Safe

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo is an incredibly sustainable material. Not only is it a durable organic natural resource that grows in abundance, it is also chemical-free since bamboo is grown without using pesticides or chemical fertilisers.

Our Ranges

A range of creative bambooware.

Bamboo Mealtime Sets for Kids

Our creative mealtime sets comprise
of different character themes, meaning,
meal time is never without fun!

Cups-Main copy

Bamboo Eco Cups

First For Earth Eco Cups are a treat
to drink from. Cups are available in a 400ml
size, across nine different designs.

Who We Are

We are a team of retail specialists with an eco-friendly agenda. We believe in exposing our end-users to organic and environmentally-friendly products, as it is also our responsibility to grow our planet’s green ambassadors. Saving the planet does not have to cost you the earth.

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